The Tick

I’m a couple of years behind, but I just finished the first season of The Tick (the newest series). I’ve never read the comics, I was a big fan of the 90s cartoon, but never cared for the 2001 series. This new first season was a perfect package of hilarious hero hijinks.

Comedy has always spoken to me more than heavy drama. “Saved by the Bell” seemed more relevant to me than My So-Called Life. Scrubs epitomized the absurdity of medical training while the drama of Grey’s Anatomy was unrecognizable. The real strength of the current Tick is that it’s generally not a parody of superhero shows. It’s a superhero show that’s a comedy. If a world with superpowers existed, it would be overrun with absurdity. The Tick recognizes that and explores the humor one would find in that world.

I don’t think I’m off-base by considering this to be on the opposite side of a coin with Watchmen. That comic also revels in the absurdity of a superheroes-are-real universe, but the two works come to diametric conclusions on how to make that absurdity entertaining.

I’m not saying The Tick is a masterpiece on par with Watchmen. But I can tell you which one is better for my mood in general.


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