Pixie was a very special cat. She had been a part of our love story since almost the beginning. We had her 18 years, soon after we got engaged. We found her at a shelter in Tuscaloosa and were drawn in by her tough yet affectionate attitude.

This is the earliest Pixie photo I can find, from 06/05/2003. But that date can’t be correct. It’s probably 2004. She’s ready to go on an adventure!

The shelter volunteer even cried a little when we took Pixie away. She was moving up from abandoned alley runt to housecat!

Pixie in her favorite spot. Mine too! 2006

I’m always going to miss how it felt when she sat on my shoulder and purred against my head. She had a very long, full life and we have a lot of memories.

Pixie and Arthur, playing video games, 2020
Pixie and Missy, 2005


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  1. Such sweet pics with Pixie. I know you all share special memories of her. I bet not many cats have lived In 3 states.

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