Incredible Hulk

(contains disturbing comic images)

I’ve posted before about the amazing horror-style artwork in Immortal Hulk. It’s pretty mind-bending stuff.

Face view of Hulk's transformation

Currently Marvel is publishing a run of Incredible Hulk and artist Nic Klein has an exciting new take on the Bruce Banner’s body horror.

It’s pretty gnarly. I think I’ve said it here before, that I don’t like horror novels (in your head), or horror TV or movies (in your eyes) but horror comics can have a perfect balance of distance and immediacy. Plus there’s no irritating jump scares. (I don’t get why people like those)

Also Bruce Banner is back to being a scuzzy drifter. In the movies and recent comics he’s usually clean-cut working in a lab.

Bruce, on the run, 30 miles from nowhere, with a teenage runaway tagging along. It feels right.


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