The Midtown Uniform

I have recently adopted a fashion statement, at the behest of my wife and sister-in-law that is working out well for me. It is the much-derided “Midtown Uniform.”

I had seen some people wearing this but didn’t know until yesterday that it was a huge trend amongst NYC finance-types. I don’t care. This is why it works for me:

1. For medical reasons, I must wear suspenders rather than a belt. The vest covers the suspenders.

2. I don’t have to worry much about the shirt being wrinkled because so much of it is covered.

3. I think it somehow makes me look more formal and still casual at the same time. I’m probably imagining it.

4. It seems very Northwesty.

Visible suspenders might peg me as a variety of Portland hipster, which is OK. We’re all hipsters here. But I think I’d rather look like a finance bro than a suspenders guy, most days.

Great vest indeed.

To close, here is one of the naughty pics we were promised.


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