insomnia coffee co.

This morning I had a nice breakfast of a bagel and a blended mocha at insomnia coffee co. They are conveniently located near the local supermarket and serve up pretty decent drinks and food. When you walk into the unassuming shopping center storefront you are struck with an immediate “this is a Pacific Northwest coffee shop vibe.” There are random antiques placed carefully about. None of the furniture matches. There’s the console from an old pipe organ for some reason. There are some comfy seats. Amiable-looking people are meeting here for work or social get-togethers. In general, the clientele comes in for a cozy sit.

coffee shop entrance

This is a bit of a contrast from the nearby Starbucks. It had been a bit spartan and rundown so I wasn’t surprised when the closed for a week for renovations. The end result was a reconfigured bar that allowed to-go orders and delivery drivers an easier path in and out. That makes sense. But the already small dining area was reduced by 2 tables! It was quite clear that Starbucks prefers that you would just get the heck out!


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