As a child, I remember Elvis’s Blue Hawaii movie coming on TV. I don’t think I ever watched it. But it seems like the fact that Hawaii rocks has been established for a pretty long time now.

We stayed in the Hilton Hawaiian Village (where Blue Hawaii was filmed) on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu. I thought a comprehensive resort would be a good place as I am still adjusting to my new disability. It’s pretty darn big and we knew this going in. By number of rooms it is bigger than the Cosmopolitan but smaller than the Flamingo but that’s not apples-to-apples. I’m guessing the HHV’s acreage is much larger because casino activities seem more compact than beach activities. In hindsight, I think a smaller hotel plus a rental car with my handicap tag may have worked better. I guess that’s a reason to go back and try!

Being in the water is quite liberating. Gravity is not as punishing and I can get around as well as most other people. I’m still working on getting in and out of the ocean, but I guess I won’t get to try for a while.

Also, I rode on a submarine! I am going to link to Atlantis Adventures and Oahu Half Day Tours for providing my family and me with such great experiences!


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