Funny signs

A few days ago I took our ballots to the nearest dropbox. I have always thought it brilliant that the dropbox is parallel to a McDonald’s drive-thru. Everything’s already set up for a high level of in-and-out traffic. I got in line, dropped off my ballot, then circled back around to get in the McDonald’s drive-thru. The person in front of me did the same. I saw a guy in the lane for food jump out and run over to put his ballot in the box. He only had to wait in line once! Anyway, we got some new Dr. Pepper slushies which were quite tasty. What I wanted to share is this sign.

I thought that was kind of a unique sign. McDonald’s and ballots don’t seem to be related, but like I said, it makes a lot of sense from a traffic-flow perspective.

Also, I saw another funny sign today on a portable toilet. The slogan is perfect!


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