Covid vaccines and Evusheld

About 2 weeks ago I had a positive covid test. I was feeling fatigued and had a runny nose. I’m feeling back at my baseline and had a negative test. I was done with isolation 2 days ago.

The fatigue was pretty bad. I couldn’t do much. I was in bed about half the day. As for other symptoms, I had a mild runny nose and … nothing else. That was it: fatigue and a runny nose.

Because I’m on chemo, I’m considered immunocompromised. Because I’m immunocompromised, I’ve had 6 covid vaccine shots and one dose of Evusheld. Evusheld is a pair of monoclonal antibodies to provide my immune system with some help against covid.

I’m very impressed; I’ve been living through almost 2 years of the pandemic, most of that as a cancer patient on chemo. When I finally do get sick I merely get 8 days of fatigue and a runny nose. I feel grateful to all the scientists and workers who made the vaccines and Evusheld. I could have ended up in the hospital. I could have plausibly died. Instead I had an extremely soft landing.

The omicron booster is out. So is this year’s flu vaccine. Get your shots folks!


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