Charles Berthoud

The vast majority of bassists who gain any level of notoriety do so by joining a band. I think solo bass instrumentalists are mostly only famous to other bassists.

I’m fascinated by Charles Berthoud because he’s doing something new. He’s not trying to be a rock star; he’s trying to be a Youtube star.

Just watch his rendition of “Barbie Girl.” No one would want him to play like that in a band. You wouldn’t even think “Barbie Girl” played as a bass solo would be entertaining. But he incorporates it into a hilarious skit with mind-blowing musical skill and he’s got 3.4 million views. The acting, editing, and humor packages it all into a great Youtube video.

If you want to cut the silliness and just see Charles throw down some rock, here you go:

(when he starts playing a second song, that’s just an ad)


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