Alaskan Amber Ale, and more!

It’s just such a good all-around beer. It’s flavorful but not too bitter or overpowering. It’s fragrant but not stinky. It’s got a nice color. There’s even a cool boat on the bottle.


Also, I really enjoy Simple Truth (Kroger brand) Kettle Popcorn. Who would have thought the best popcorn in the store would be the organic store brand. It’s light, almost melts in your mouth, and quite tasty.


While I’m running through my grocery list, why not mention Gold Peak Iced Tea (sweet). I’ve suffered decades of mediocre bottled tea. This stuff is almost indistinguishable from home-brewed. It’s available in refrigerated large jugs and in single-serving bottles.


(I don’t get any commissions for this stuff. I wish)


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