West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Las Sunday, the wife and kid and I went to see the Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Tualitin, OR. Essentially folks in Halloween costumes kneel down in humungous hallowed-out pumpkins and race them like they’re Kayaks. It’s pretty ridiculous, free, and a good reason to get out of the house.

I had possibly the best burger of my life after a long wait. It was from the food truck Stoopid Burger and the beef+bacon+multiple sticks of fried mozzarella was in fact, quite stoopid. I would describe the dining experience (standing and stuffing my face with beef, bread, and fried mozzarella while watching a pumpkin boat race) as delightfully transgressive.

pumpkin boats racing on pond

It was interesting to see that the pumpkin racers were working quite hard. There’s probably a reason kayaks aren’t shaped like bulbous pumpkins with a concave surface on the front.

This was a great Halloweeny free family event, and if you’re in the Portland area, you should check it out next year.

Stoopenduz Burger

Beef, swiss cheese, chopped bacon, mozzarella sticks, BBQ or teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and stoopid sauce.


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