Pez Gun

In 1995, I created a Pez dispenser gun that could shoot a piece of candy 3 feet. I decided to submit that to Pez FAQ on Usenet alt.food.pez. It was the first thing I ever contributed to the Internet. It’s still available on the Pez FAQ 6.7, last updated in 2010!

6.1. How do I make a PEZ gun

Matt Shook initially described this PEZ gun. The description has been greatly enhanced with the help of several PEZHeads.The materials you need to make a PEZ gun are:

A PEZ dispenser

A spring from a ball-point pen

Double sided tape

A pair of needle-nosed pliers (or wire cutters)

A package of PEZ (ammo)

Choose a dispenser that doesn’t have a low neck (eg. a collar, Gonzo’s bowtie, etc.) that might interfere with the projectile. Optionally, the double-sided tape can be wrapped around the small plastic piece that normally pushes the PEZ out of the dispenser. The tape serves to keep the spring around this plastic “pusher” piece, but may not be necessary depending on how well the spring fits.The trick is to cut the spring to the correct length. The idea is that the spring is long enough to fit over the pusher piece and extend past the bottom of it so that when the head is tilted back it catches on the plastic of the inner sleeve. As the head is tilted back more, the spring bunches up and finally slips off the plastic of the inner sleeve, striking the end of the PEZ. Instead of the PEZ being pushed out by the plastic pusher, it is ejected by the spring on the pusher. The spring mush be short enough so the mechanism will reset itself when the head is returned to the normal position


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