Old Space Jam website

One of the enduring parts of the web is the old Space Jam website from 1996. When the new movie came out, it was moved to spacejam.com/1996 but otherwise it is a preserved time capsule. Everything may change but Space Jam endures. You can even download a Windows 95 screen saver for Pete’s sake. I remember visiting this site in high-school. At the time it was one of the more interactive multimedia sites available. Is multimedia even still a word?

I realize feeling old is part of being a parent. But yesterday when picking up Arthur from school, I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt with the above image on it! Say this kid was 12, so the Space Jam website was already a 13-year-old antique when she was born! I’m OLD.

Speaking of t-shirts at school, I once saw this on a dad.


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