COVID journal

I’m changing the vibe of this website. I realize things are getting blurry with the timeline of the last six months. So I am going to keep track of events on here.


Yesterday I had some abdominal pain and then Arthur developed vomiting and a severe cough. So we’re getting a COVID test tomorrow. But now today we both feel perfectly fine. Still I shouldn’t go back to work until I have the test and get the results back.


Arthur has his first class meeting of the new virtual school year tomorrow.


I saw my first “long hauler” patient last week.


On the news people are debating if a vaccine will be pushed out too early due to political concerns. It could also be pushed out too early or too late due to miscalculation. I read the initial distributions will go out to McKesson, Walgreens, CVS and the Department of Defense. We’ll see if that holds true. Maybe our clinic could get a supply through McKesson. That’s assuming the version that gets released is not the one that needs to be chilled to -90F.


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