Ben Folds Five

Missy got tickets for us to see Ben Folds perform with the Oregon Symphony in June. Hopefully a new covid variant won’t pop up before then. This has had me listening to some of his music again and watching some old videos. We saw Ben Folds perform with an unbilled backing band in 2008 or 2009 but I wish I could have seen Ben Folds Five back in their heyday. There was something unique and special about that band. Its “punk rock for sissies” connected with me as a teenager. Ben Folds Five was definitely every music major’s favorite rock band at the time. It seemed to be a reaction to grunge. It was hard rocking without guitars and a singular nerdy vulnerability. I don’t think they ever came through Birmingham when I was in college or I would have heard about it. I’m excited to see what Ben is going to do with a symphony backing him.

Here’s a video of Ben Folds Five in their prime. (and yes, there’s only 3 of them)


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